I guess I always did want to blog about my life as a scientific researcher. Guess this is how I’ll do it. A little brief about me then…

I grew up in an industrial town called Faridabad. It’s close to the capital of India and lies on the way to the famous Taj Mahal (unless you decide to take the newly built expressway from Noida). It’s the town where I completed my schooling before moving out for college.

Currently, I hold a Master’s degree in Nanotechnology from Amity Institute of Nanotechnology in Amity University Noida. Technically, it’s a dual degree that I pursued which granted me a Bachelors and a Masters degree in the field together. Saves time but definitely, makes it harder to justify grades. Would I recommend it to someone? Sure. After all, we don’t learn much about what we’d end up doing in educational institutions. The knowledge lies out there in the real world.

I’ve interned within my alma mater under the guidance of Dr. Jagriti Narang building a biosensor and then moved to Ireland for an internship in the School of Biology and Environmental Sciences in University College Dublin. In Ireland, I was studying the role of the transport protein particle in the retrograde system. This, under the guidance of Prof. Jeremy C. Simpson for whom I have a lot of respect and gratitude. He is one astounding person. If you’re in the field of research, make sure to have a word with him. It’ll be certainly worthwhile to have his inputs. Further along my internship journey, I’ve worked under the guidance of

Further along my internship journey, I’ve worked under the guidance of Dr. Mayuri Gandhi in Centre for Research in Nanotechnology and Science in the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. A rather peaceful campus with a lifestyle very different from what you’d expect coming from a private university. There, I was involved in the development of a drug delivery system for a cancer drug. Currently, I believe the work is still underway with new interns working to make it a commercial product.

At present, however, I’m seeking a doctoral position which shall enable me to contribute to society through research in Nanobiotechnology. If you have any such opportunities, feel free to contact me. I’m keenly looking forward to a project that shall utilise my skills and understanding of research to the utmost. I hope that one day, I’d be able to develop means to better the health and life of mankind.

Full name: Nitish Manu George

Date of Birth: January 1, 1992

Languages known: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, French


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