Editing services

Yes, I’m offering up my editing services towards the scientific community. For a price of course. A wise man once said, “nothing in life comes for free”.

What are my charges you ask? A mere 1 USD ($1) per page/hour for my fellow countrymen (Indians). Well, I don’t lose a lot of money in taxes and whatnot when I receive cash from them after all. For everyone else, 3 USD ($3). Kindly convert according to the latest currency exchange rates. And of course, an acknowledgement is always well appreciated.

And what do I do for these rates? I proof-read, edit and rephrase your manuscripts to make them a bit easier to read and comprehend. Of course, that involves taking out all those pesky spelling and grammatical errors. And since I’ve a background in scientific research, you can rest assured that I shall provide input whenever required if something doesn’t quite make sense. Did I mention I edit manuscripts suited for both American and British journals?

Kindly note that the rates mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice. It’s recommended that you reconfirm the charges before submitting your request for an edit and sending in the manuscript.

To send in a manuscript, simply e-mail me the manuscript. Make sure to attach the manuscript in three versions. A complete document with images and illustrations (.pdf) along with just the text for edit in MS Word (.doc/.docx) as well as Text (.txt) versions (sometimes, there are software compatibility issues).

Payments can be made through wallet services like PayTM or Internet-Banking. I also have PayPal (or so I think) and a few other services. Kindly address the payment terms while making the request for the edit. A 50% advance deposit is required from new clients once I accept the request. Return clients or those recommended by them are exempt and can make payment post-delivery.

Thank you for your business people. For further queries, utilise the contact form on the website. Or else, contact me through LinkedIn or Twitter. Thanks once again!

P.S. TESTIMONIALS? Coming soon…


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